Area cleaned (m²)

Detergent cost (/liters)

Labour cost (/hour)

Water cost (m³)


Cleaning needs

Extra cleaning boost needed

Frequency (weekly)

Fill in with the cost of the detergent that you normally use.
With Nilfisk Ecoflex you will save labour costs because of having to change the water less frequently or to refill the tanks.
This is thanks to the low flow water mode and less consumption of detergent.
Fill in the cost of water per m3. The cost differs between the countries but an average assumption is 3 Euro.

boost needed
Select how much of the floor space needs an extra cleaning boost (extra detergent ratio, brush pressure and water flow).

This is a unique Nilfisk Ecoflex feature.

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Number of cleaning machines in your company
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Calculate your cost and environmental savings in floor cleaning

The Nilfisk Ecoflex System combines economical sense with ecological conscience. Now you have the option to clean with just water or with minimum detergent. As different facilities require different cleaning the Ecoflex system provides you with the option to clean only with water but within seconds you can switch to intensive cleaning with detergent, extra water and brush pressure.

Do your own calculation by comparing Nilfisk Ecoflex with conventional scrubbers.